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Burch Barrel

Stockman's Glove


Color: Black



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A pair of heat-resistant gloves for adjusting and working with grills and firepits

Part of the genius of Burch Barrel’s grill / smoker / firepit combo is the adjustable coal pan that lets you physically move the heat closer to or farther from the grill for perfectly calibrated cooking. As you can imagine, manhandling a pan full of burning coals isn’t something you go at barehanded. Made from thick leather and heat-resistant fabrics, Burch Barrel’s Stockman’s Glove lets you work with hot fire pits and grills without getting burned.

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  • A purpose built glove for working with Burch Barrel’s coal pan or other grills
  • Thick genuine leather and insulating heat-resistant fabrics protect your hands
  • Long cuffs protect your wrists and forearms

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