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Burch Barrel

Truth be told, we aren’t picky—bonfires and cookouts of any kind and in any location will leave us feeling warm on both the inside and out. But after some hands-on experience with Burch Barrel, we might have found our new go-to for huddling around the flames with good food and good folks. See, a Burch Barrel functions as a grill and a fire pit, allowing the central hub of the campsite to stay put and look great doing it. Suspended in air with telescoping legs that adjust to uneven terrain, the Burch Barrel is always level to the ground while containing the flame in a safe, secure area. It’s this innovative design that allows their fire pits to thrive on the sandy shores of Big Sur as well as the mountainous landscapes of Montana. The engineers ensured it was light enough to carry and pack along enough to tag along to nearby campsites, beaches, parks, and beyond. Meanwhile, the designers required the fire pit maintain a handsome design that serves as a focal point for social gatherings right in your backyard. Gather ‘round the barrel and you’ll understand just why we’re smitten so hard.

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