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You can tell a lot about a guy just from looking at his pants. Frayed and torn knees (climber). Shredded back yoke (longboarder). Torched seat, knees or crotch (downhill mountain biker). There’s a dizzying myriad of ways to destroy pants out there, which is why Bulletprufe has built an entire collection of ultra-tough pants that look great for the everyday, but can handle the very worst we throw at ‘em (and believe us, we throw a lot) on the weekends.

Contrary to the capability implied in its name, Bulletprufe won’t actually stop bullets. They will, however, stop a hell of a lot of what you’ll actually experience out there, thanks to a ridiculously sturdy (and shockingly soft) fabric that blends nylon and polyester with cotton, while adding in just a touch of spandex for added mobility. Most impressive about this top-secret fabric blend though, is how it’s purportedly 10 times stronger than conventional cotton fabrics, and crazy abrasion-resistant, making it perfect for the torture test that many of us simply call “the weekend.” This fabric is complemented with a rigorous construction process that leaves no critical seam unprotected. We’re talking about reinforcements like high-strength triple polycore stitching and strategically-placed bar tacks to ensure every thread and every seam stays put, no matter what you’re doing.

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