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Bull & Stash

As occasional journalers and certified patina-heads, we love the feeling of a nice, leather-bound notebook. But once we fill one cover-to-cover, it’s done — and we don’t get to see it wear in and take on character like we do with our favorite pairs of leather boots. But thanks to Bull & Stash, we’re back on the journaling wagon, carrying one of their refillable leather notebooks with us at all times. With these bad boys, once you run out of room for scribbling, you just unscrew the old pad from it’s cool metal fastening, pop a new one in, and you’re all set — ready to go for at least a couple more weeks. Plus, this new lineup of notebooks is upgraded with all sorts of integrated storage for everything from your pen to your business cards and iPad, adding a whole new layer of practicality to carrying one of these handsome devils.

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