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Lensatic Compass


Color: Grey



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Burly and versatile, the Lensatic Compass is built for sighting in on where you need to go

Brunton’s been in the business of exceptional navigating devices since 1894—that’s a whopping 100+ years of experience that goes into every one of their products to help you find your way in the great outdoors. Their Lensatic Compass is a military-style compass with a sighting lens for enhanced orienteering when you’re out in the field and need to have accurate, fast navigation in the palm of your hand.

  • Sight in your direction on landmarks using the built-in sighting lens
  • Liquid-dampened compass with luminous points for low-light visibility
  • Thumb loop to steady your sighting that also holds the lid closed tightly when folded
  • Two degree graduations
  • Straight edge for use on a map
  • Pocket-sized and lightweight
  • Painted metal chassis for durability

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