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Bradley Mountain

Tucked in an unassuming San Diego neighborhood, there’s a workshop you oughta know about—where rolls of leather and waxed canvas spill out from the corners, aproned workers hand-hammer hardware onto bags, and steady dings fill the air, the sound of excess copper being clipped off rivets. This magical place is Bradley Mountain, where they build ultra-sturdy bags the old-fashioned way, backed up by a lifetime guarantee—inspired by the belief that there’s more room for adventure in all our lives. (ed note: cheers to that) We’ll be the first to tell you that after loading up their roomy Rambler duffel for a few weekend trips, we can’t wait to absolutely beat the hell out of it for years to come. Patina-hungry waxed canvas and leather build. Brass and copper hardware. When you pull one of these outta your closet, you can’t help but start thinking a little bit like Indiana Jones. Now who’s up for chartering a seaplane?

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