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Box Brew Kit

Taking your first sip from a home-brewed beer is unlike anything you’ve ever tasted, and that’s what makes it so amazing — it’s the first of its kind, and you crafted it. But for years, home brew kits were unsightly, messy, and often led to thoroughly disgruntled roommates. Looking for a setup that was sleek and compact enough to be a permanent fixture of their small apartment, childhood friends Matt and Mike designed the HopBox: their first foray into the world of home brewing. When they unveiled their modern take on the classic home brew kit to the world of Kickstarter, beer amateurs and experts alike rejoiced, helping HopBox exceed its fundraising goal by almost 400%. Now known as Box Brew Kits, we are excited to bring you Matt and Mike's latest line of home brewing essentials. Our favorite, “The Long One,” is handcrafted from rustic pine wood, features a gallon growler for your new signature brew, and comes complete with 8 re-usable flip-top cobalt blue bottles, which means you can share some cold ones with your friends without having to endure the frustrating process of bottling. So whether you’re just dipping your toes or want to jump right in to home brewing, Box Brew Kits is here to help you appreciate your beer on a whole new level.

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