B*68 Grab & Go

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When something unexpectedly drastic happens, such as a riot or weather event, the best plan of action involves getting out of Dodge. And fast.

When there’s no time to pack, the handy B*68 Grab & Go Kit helps you take some vital supplies on the run. It’s got food, water, and important safety items for one person—and is easily stored in your office or purse.


  • (1) Micro First Aid Kit
  • (1) Bandana
  • (1) Handcrank Flashlight
  • (1) Lightweight Knapsack
  • (1) Water Pouch
  • (2) Protein shots with Caffeine
  • (1) Small Weather Radio
  • (1) Whistle


A versatile kit for treating boo-boos and other minor injuries – sized for stashing in your bag or glove box. Please note that it’s designed for someone who has had some form of official first aid training. If you haven’t already, consider taking a class.


  • Blister bandages
  • Waterproof antibiotic bandages
  • Electrolyte tablets
  • Antiseptic wipes
  • Gauze roll
  • Triangle bandages

TIP: Many first aid items can be repurposed – some as fire tinder, others as a pre-filter for water, etc. We advise you take a first aid course to learn more.


A flashlight without working batteries makes, well, a nice paperweight. That is, unless it doesn’t need batteries in the first place. This LED flashlight charges via a hank crank, so it’ll power up in an emergency, time and time again.

  • Handcrank Flashlight
  • Lightweight Knapsack


Small water pouches provide drinkable water when none is available. So pop one in your purse for emergency sipping. These water pouches can also be used to clean wounds and flush out eyes, as well as to create soothing rags for comforting fevers. 4.2 oz with 5-year shelf life

  • Water pouch


Need a boost? Let “Frog Fuel” give you an energy jump (pun intended) when you’re on the go. Designed by former US Navy SEALs, this rapidly absorbing stuff provides 15g of medical-grade liquid protein, 80mg of caffeine, and no energy “crash.” No wonder marathon runners love it. While these do not replace regular meals, they do contain no fat, glucose, or lactose, and don’t need to be refrigerated. 2-year shelf life.

  • (2) Protein shots with Caffeine


Small can be huge. Just ask this micro AM/FM weather radio. It’s about the size of a juice box, and can be charged either by its hand crank or its solar panel. In a disaster, this radio could be your key to receiving safety information from authorities.

  • Small Weather Radio
  • Whistle

Live Well Equipped

”Not too long ago, Boltwell's founder wanted to stock up on some emergency items for his family. A few clicks on his computer later, he was up to his eyeballs in gloom-and-doom prepper websites. What he found on most of them: camouflage, more camouflage, and an overwhelming sense of panic.

An ad exec by trade, he used his keen sense of style to come up with the initial concept that would become Boltwell™. While most emergency preparedness systems on the market are, well, extreme, Boltwell is a one-of-a-kind retail concept that gives everyday families tools to help keep loved ones safe during unexpected events.

Approachable. Educational. Streamlined. Boltwell put a whole lot of planning into their emergency kits so that you can check "keep my family prepared" off your to-do list (without thinking too much about the scary stuff).

Boltwell makes preparing for the unexpected not only empowering – but also fun. Live Well Equipped.”


This item is out of stock.


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