B*72 Foundation Kit

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Don’t let its name fool you. The B*72 is not a WWII bomber. However, it is ‘the bomb’ when it comes to being ready for almost anything

As the B*72 is the foundation of the Boltwell preparedness system, it has virtually everything two people need to get through a 72-hour emergency, including medical supplies, water purification solutions, energy bars, tools, makeshift shelter, and personal care products. It’s designed to be the cornerstone on which you build your family’s emergency preparedness plan.


  • Supplies 2 people for 72 hours

Kit Includes

  • Pocket Stove
  • Disposable Lighter
  • Waterproof Matches
  • Multi Tool
  • Duct Tape (Mini Roll)
  • Headlamp 
- 4-in-1 Emergency Tool

  • Glow Light Sticks (3)

  • Stainless Steel Cup

  • Water Purification Tablets

  • Nalgene® Water Bottle (2)

  • Nylon Twine

  • Tube Tent

  • Trash Bags (2)

  • Fleece Blanket (2)

  • Rain Poncho (2)

  • Hand Warmers (6) 
- Medical Kit

  • N95 Masks (6)

  • Permanent Marker Pen

  • Weather Radio

  • Reflective Vests (2) 
- ID Tag (2)

  • Whistle (2) 
- Dry Shampoo

  • Hand Sanitizer Pen 

  • All In One Toothbrush (2)

  • Quick Dry Chamois Towel (2)

  • Bathing Wipes (6)

  • Disposable Toilet Bags (6)

  • Protein Shot (w/caffeine) (2)

  • Vanilla Food Bar (6)

  • Lemon Food Bar (6)

  • Raspberry Food Bar (6)


Duct Tape Mini Roll Duct tape has a fan club. And not just because it can fix fans. This durable, lightweight problem solver has also been known to patch leaky pipes, hold windows together, become art projects, and more! Plus, it can be used in first aid.

  • Ducklings™ Mini Rolls by Duck® brand duct tape
  • Pocket size with 15 feet per roll

Headlamp Hands free, durable, and ultra bright, this LED headlamp can light the way during dark walks. It’s also great for making an improvised lantern when hung from a branch. (Don’t be surprised if your kids want to borrow it for their indoor “camping” adventures.)

  • Made by AceCamp®
  • Water-resistant, impact resistant
  • Batteries included

4-in-1 Emergency Tool Why settle for one emergency tool when you can have four? This lightweight, durable emergency tool was designed by professional firefighters to pry, chop, and clear debris during search and rescues, such as earthquakes. Plus, it will help you shut off your home's water and gas lines in the event of an emergency.

  • On Duty® 4 in 1 Emergency Tool™
  • Rust proof
  • Fits most residential gas and water turn-off valves
  • Includes pry-wedge and special claw designed to sift through debris, as needed

Pocket Lantern Darkness stinks. And this little weather-resistant lantern emits an amazing amount of light for its compact, lightweight size thanks to an innovative, integrated reflector.

  • Four light settings to help you light up a room or camp area, as well as to signal in the dark for help
  • Super lightweight
  • Includes 4 AA batteries

Pocket Stove Yes, this sturdy and packable little stove can cook. But it also can melt snow into water, boil water to sterilize first aid tools, and prepare small amounts of food. In an emergency, it just might be your new best friend. (Sorry, Fido.)

  • 1 Esbit® stove with 6 fuel tabs
  • Each solid-fuel tabs burns for about 12 minutes
  • Holds a 12oz metal cup
  • Great for heating food or boiling water

Disposable Lighter This simple little lighter helps you do all sorts of good things with fire – like cook, boil water, light candles, stay warm, and even fuse the ends of synthetic cords. Cavemen never had it this easy. (Not to mention contestants on those survival reality shows.)

  • Bic® lighter
  • Simple to operate
  • Inexpensive to replace
  • When fuel is out, the flint striker can still provide sparks against prepared tinder to light a fire

Waterproof Matches Fire is power. Considered by many survival and outdoor experts to be the best emergency matches on the market, these UCO matches packs let you strike up a candle, light a stove, or even fuse the ends of synthetic cords.



This item is out of stock.


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