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Bohemian Guitars

At first glance, a Bohemian Guitar might not look like a serious instrument, but we can assure you from firsthand experience that this oil can guitar is no joke — and we have artists like Shakey Graves and publications like Forbes and USA Today to back us up on this one.

Designed in collaboration by a pair of brothers in Atlanta and inspired by street musicians in their hometown of Johannesburg, South Africa, Adam and Shaun set out to create an instrument that mirrored those of local performers — ones that were good-looking, simple, sustainable, and affordable. Made from hollow oil cans for the body and maple and rosewood for the neck and fretboard, these metal-bodied electric guitars and ukuleles benefit from the instrument’s unique acoustic chamber to produce a sharp, clean tone unlike any other electric guitar. We think it’s also pretty rad that they stand up on their own rubber feet, and they double as a statement piece for your living room or man cave.

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