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Blunt Umbrellas

The single cookie press. The self-adjusting belt. The individual M&M dispenser. We’ll admit it, sometimes designers seem hellbent on solving problems that just aren’t that important. This is resoundingly not the case when it comes to New Zealand’s Blunt, makers of what just might be the best umbrella the world has ever seen. As we know all too well here in rainy San Francisco, that “POP” you hear when your little folding umbrella flips inside out is real — and man is it a bummer. To keep you from being SOA (Soaked On Arrival) to your next dinner date, Blunt has radically redesigned the traditional umbrella, adding telescopic ribs, a modern wind-shearing shape and a unique radial tensioning system that can withstand even the meanest, nastiest spring breeze.

When Blunt says “We break them so you don’t have to,” they're not joking: every patented design has been wind tunnel and real world tested in gale-force conditions. Even the telescoping Metro is rated to withstand Force 9 winds (that's about 50mph) and has been put through its paces by their 38 point quality check. Plus, in the (unlikely) event that something goes wrong with yours, Blunt will repair or replace it.

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