Fiddle Leaf Fig

in Green


Healthy, beautiful plants delivered straight to your doorstep

A couple well placed plants can go a long way toward making a space feel alive and vibrant, warm and cozy, clean and cool — whatever vibe you’re looking for, Bloomscape has the plants to help you achieve it. The plants spend the first part of their lives in specialized greenhouses, cared for attentively by plant experts, up until the day they ship straight to your doorstep to begin the rest of their lives with you.


  • Fiddle leaf fig plants are tall, sculptural, and dramatic, and will flourish under the right conditions
  • Includes a terra cotta pot and saucer specifically chosen to complement the plant
  • Specially designed boxes keep plants safe, sound, and healthy during shipping
  • Tips and tricks for expert-level care included in a small booklet for easy reference
  • Safe arrival guarantee and 30-day replacement for any plant


Size XL — 42” - 48” tall
Difficulty Requires a bit of extra care
Light Requires bright indirect light
Pet Friendly No — can cause mouth irritation and digestive reaction
Air Cleaner Yes — removes formaldehyde from air
Pot Size 12¼” diameter, 9¾” tall

The Bloomscape Guarantee

Bloomscape guarantees that all of their plants will arrive in great shape. If there is any damage, you can email [email protected] and they will send you a replacement. That being said, they do ask customers to be home to receive packages during temperatures below 45°F or above 90°F. Their packaging has insulation to keep plants safe during shipping but cannot maintain safe temperatures if left outdoors for hours. If plants are damaged as the result of prolonged exposure to outdoor temperatures, we do not provide replacement.

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