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Bleu de Chauffe

Musette Gaston - Maison Latim Jeep Canvas


Color: Dark Khaki




The crème de la crème of briefcases, handmade in a small French town

A Bleu de Chauffe bag is supremely unique due to its dapper style and close attention to detail—each bag is thoughtfully, carefully constructed by a single artisan throughout the entire process. This time consuming effort is necessary to achieve the high standards that Bleu de Chauffe sets for themselves, and at the end of the process, the artisan proudly signs the handmade masterpiece—the final step of a craftsmanship style that’s inspired by their 19th century French workwear roots. It’s details like this that set a Bleu de Chauffe a part from any other bag on the market, and their Musette Gaston is their crown jewel. Not only is it an everyday bag for daily use, but it’s a heritage bag that’s meant to be passed down to the next generation of hard workers in your family. Don’t be afraid to put it to this workhorse to the test, this exquisite pack will exceed your expectations tenfold.

Known globally for their rugged durability and trademark excellence, Maison Latim is a French canvas producer that began producing their legendary fabrics to renovate vintage Willys Jeeps after World War II. Not much has changed for Maison Latim since 1931, except they continue to fine tune their quality standards and push their own abilities to produce the world’s finest textiles.

  • 100% cotton Stonewashed, 610 grams per square meter

Since 1873, Masure Tannery has been Europe’s leader in leather production and recognized for both quality and durability. Over the last 140 years, Masure perfected the way that Europe tans and manufactures all of their organic leathers, and they never sacrifice quality for quantity.

  • 100% organic, vegetable-tanned leather

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