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No. 397 Slim Card Case


Color: Black




Handmade wallet with a level of detail that’s nearly impossible to come by

We know it doesn’t take an art critic to appreciate an original Monet painting—there’s natural beauty that anyone can see and understand that this is art. Along the same lines, but infinitely more affordable, a Billykirk leather goods has intrinsic quality and an attention to detail that you can only find from a master-level craftsman—anyone can see that at first glance. Let's take a deeper look at their No. 397 Slim Card Case—perfect for just the essentials and shrinking your pocket size, it’s made from American-sourced leather that’ll last a lifetime.

  • Two side slots for IDs and go-to cards
  • Larger main pocket for cash and other cards
  • Constructed from American-sourced leather
  • Waxed for an even more durable profile
  • Made in USA

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