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No. 495 Camera Strap



Color: Black



This is a final sale item

Handmade camera strap with a level of detail that’s nearly impossible to come by

We know it doesn’t take an art critic to appreciate an original Monet painting, there’s natural beauty that anyone can see and understand that this is art. Along the same lines, but infinitely more affordable, a Billykirk leather good has intrinsic quality and an attention to detail that you can only find from a master-level craftsman—anyone can see that at first glance. Let's take a deeper look at their No. 409 Camera Strap—inspired by US photojournalists who require a reliable, durable strap, it’s proudly made from American latigo leather hide and nickel-plated brass hardware.

  • Premium American latigo leather hide construction develops a beautiful patina over time and breaks in to create a unique, personal piece
  • Finished with nickel-plated brass hardware
  • Adjustable buckle allows you to get the perfect fit
  • Includes multiple sized rings to ensure your camera is securely fastened to the strap
  • Hand-stitched with heavy wax cording
  • Hand-burnished and edged
  • Handmade by highly skilled leather artisans in USA