See You Out There.
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Batman has the Bat Signal, and you have The Laserlight by Beryl. It announces your presence. It lets pedestrians know you’re coming, and alerts cars to your whereabouts even when you’re riding in their blindspot. With a super-bright laser, it projects an image of a cyclist onto the road 5 meters ahead of you at all times (check the product page video to see it in action), solving the problem of bikes being a little too stealthy riding in the city. The Laserlight along with the next-level Burner lights are smartly designed from aircraft aluminum. And they’re loaded with a feature set to match — from auto on/off, to 100% waterproof construction, to magnetic fixtures for securing ‘em to your bike. Usually we don’t like to call a whole lot of attention to ourselves, but in this case we’ll take all we can get.

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