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Laserlight + Burner Brake Set


Color: Silver




The biker’s lighting bundle that’s got you covered and highly visible any time of the day or night

Staying visible is one of the most important parts of cycling. Whether you’re a hardcore spandex warrior or just a daily commuter, making sure you don’t get pancaked by a car is key to the whole thing. Beryl premium bike lights are easy to operate, made to last, and are designed for maximum visibility while sharing the road with cars, making sure you’re seen no matter the situation. The Burner Brake automatically detects when you slow down and provides a warning to cars and other bikers when you are putting your brakes on by intensifying the light.

  • Includes the Laserlight and Burner Brake lights for maximum coverage and safety
  • The Laserlight uses laser projection technology to project a bike symbol six meters in front of you to increase your footprint on the road
  • The Burner Brake is a back light that intensifies as you continue to slow down, offering an ample warning to others on the road
  • Both are waterproof and extremely durable for complete visibility in unsavory conditions
  • The Laserlight offers 13 hours of light on a single charge while the Burner Brake offers 17 hours
  • The Laserlight offers two different light settings: constant and flash
  • The Burner Brake offers five different light sequences: Day flash, chase, hadron, bright steady, and medium steady
  • USB charging cords and mounting units are included for both lights

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