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We’ve all been there at some point: struggling to find that perfect table for the apartment that not only fits the budget, but fits our admittedly warped interpretation of feng shui in 500 square feet. Well, Be-elastic, the fresh graduate from interior design school is here to transform your living space with SNAP – a cutting-edge assembly system that turns virtually any surface into a table or shelving unit. That includes wooden crates, slate tiles, rustic doors from your Grandpa’s shed — you name it. SNAP’s legs are super convenient to use with absolutely no tools needed. Simply pull down the flex clamp, slide it onto the surface, tighten the cable and enjoy. Reverse the process to remove, just like that. Best of all though, is how SNAP’s stainless steel construction holds up to 154 lbs, meaning your next end table is only limited by your imagination (or what you can deadlift). So, put that old ammunition crate to use and give your office or living space a refresh in 2016.

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