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“The name behind the all-weather man”
—Barbour catalog from 1974

Before they partnered with Land Rover, before the accolades from The Queen, and even well before the 1957 Scottish 6-Day motorcycle race, where 97% of riders wore Barbour jackets—Barbour was a pioneer of waxed cotton garments for hard work and dangerous weather. As fans of waxed cotton, finally throwing on a Barbour feels like meeting one of your heroes, and them exceeding your impossibly high expectations. Like if you met James Bond and he smoked you the best Texas-style BBQ you’d ever tasted (Ed note: 🤔). Immediately when you put one on, the jacket feels solid. And it only gets sweeter knowing that over time the rugged, waterproof waxed cotton will pick up a custom patina, and the classic tartan lining will get softer and softer. So whether you’re caking yours with mud on the motorcycle track, or reserving the jacket’s handsome look for brisk days in the city—an authentic Barbour is a rite of passage, with over 125 years of history to back it up.

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