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Satin Sleep Mask with Rose Quartz Stone


Color: Purple




An ultra soft sleep mask with a hidden stone pocket

Baloo is all about delivering the best sleep possible (we’re big fans of their weighted blankets). With its extra soft and extra wide construction, the Satin Sleep Mask not only blocks out any lingering light, it muffles sound too. The Velcro closure makes sure the mask stays in place all night and a built-in pocket holds the included rose quartz stone just over the third eye chakra, a point associated with the pineal gland and sleep regulation.

This item is available for domestic US shipping only.

  • Satin sleep mask blocks light and muffles sound for restorative sleep
  • Securely closes with Velcro to stay in position all night
  • Hidden pocket holds the included rose quartz stone
  • Rose quartz is associated with stress release and gentleness
  • Each crystal is a natural stone with slight variations that make it unique
  • Made in USA

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