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Start with busy workweeks. Add weekend cocktails of late nights, early starts, and the occasional jet lag. And what you’ve got is the sleep schedule a lot of us find ourselves with—not the best. It even makes getting to bed earlywhen you finally have the chance take longer than expected. Enter: Baloo. For more consistent, deeper sleep, weighted blankets like these have been recommended by health professionals for years, and are finally becoming more widespread (some of our friends in the office even compare ‘em to sleeping in one of those anti-gravity float chambers). Baloo’s blankets are not only more breathable and easier on the eyes than the competition—they’re also the most responsible, eco-friendly weighted blankets on the market. The “weight” that gives them their heft comes from glass beads suspended in recyclable cushioning, as opposed to the plastic that shorter-sighted brands use. Responsible global citizen? Yes. New best compadre for naps on the couch? Yes again.

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