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Balmuda Lantern in White


Color: White

4.4" W × 4.1" D × 9.8" H
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Advanced technology, sleek design, and flawless performance

Balmuda founder Gen Terau dropped out of highschool in Japan in search of something new. He sailed around the Mediterranean, led a successful rock band, and discovered a passion for design and manufacturing. The guiding light of Balmuda is an adventurous spirit and a desire to enjoy every experience in life, including the everyday ones. One of their signature products, the Lantern, is perfect for any situation that calls for quality light. Whether you're reading a book on the front porch, sitting down to dinner with friends, or taking a nice evening stroll, this lantern can adapt to suit any situation.

  • A uniquely modern lantern—bright enough to read by, or subtle enough to calm the mind
  • Powered by a LED light guided into a central tube in order to emit soft light
  • Light source is hidden in the top so it doesn't shine directly in your eyes
  • Single knob makes it easy to adjust brightness and color temperature
  • Settings go from a soft, flickering candle light, to a constant amber glow, to a warm white light
  • Lightweight and water-resistant so you can take it with you anywhere
  • Rechargeable with a long lasting battery life (3-50 hours, depending on the setting used)
  • Candle: This mode emulates the soft dance of a candle's flame to create a relaxing atmosphere—perfect for drinks, music, and conversation
  • Amber: With gentle brightness and a warm amber color, this mode is perfect for a bedside lamp or a night light
  • Warm White: A warm white light perfect for reading in the dark or taking an evening walk down the beach
Product Specifications
Unit dimensions 4.4" W x 9.8" H x 4.1" D
Unit weight Approx. 1.4 lbs
Power consumption Up to 6.0W
Cable length 3.3 ft
Material Body: ABS; Shade: PC; Handle and Frame: SUS
Battery Ni-MH rechargeable battery 3.6V/2,000 mAh
Battery charging time Approx. 6 hours
Battery Life 3 to 50 hours (max illumination to min illumination)
Dust and water resistance IP54
Light source LED(color temperature: 1600K-3000K)
Brightness Approx. 195 lm
Operating temperature 41℉〜95℉
Dimming Function Stepless dimming

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