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BAD Bags

BAD Bags

"After 7 months, 3,741 miles on foot, up to 100 mph winds and wind chills of -110°F, BAD Bags proved their durability and adaptability."

  • Will Steger, 1990 International Trans-Antarctica Expedition

    For your consideration: the duffel bag with a BAD reputation. Skeptics, holster your magnifying glasses—the name Best American Duffel isn’t a put-on. Since the 1990s, Seattle’s BAD boys have built their rep doing just one thing: making some of the best American-made duffel bags the world has ever seen. At the hands of their rabid cult of devotees, these mean ballistic nylon so-and-sos have taken more abuse than Steve-O—they’ve been slept on, driven over, thrown from trains and ransacked by Cuban customs agents—all without so much as busting a seam. They’re overbuilt (and ready to be overloaded) to the extreme, making them one of the most dependable travel partners you’ll ever find. Accordingly, a few lonely hearts have gotten pretty attached: the BAD crew gets love notes daily that pack lines like “I’m not sure you can hurt this duffel,” "wish I would have had this duffel years ago" and “perhaps the most satisfying purchase I have ever made.” Functional, durable and built from the strongest materials out there, every bag comes with BAD’s personal lifetime guarantee, isn’t sold in stores and caters strictly to the hardcore.

As pretty frequent travelers we like to count ourselves among those hardcore, and we teamed up with BAD to build one of their USA-made duffels we can call our own. Built to comply with legal carry-on standards, the BAD #3 is a weekend-trip workhorse. Built-in backpack straps make it easy to carry through the airport, even if you packed a bit heavy. And in an exclusive Huckberry colorway, you’ll always be able to spot which bag is yours.

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