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"It’s rare for a watch brand to continue to outdo itself, but that seems to be the case with Autodromo" — Worn and Wound

With every passing year, the competition gets farther and farther away in Autodromo’s rearview. Dripping in the speed, burned rubber and the limit-pushing ethos of competitive motorsports, their watches capture a historic era of racing with some of the most stylish, well-built timekeepers to come out of the microbrand revolution. Their Group B watches didn’t just capture the heart of the daredevil “Group B” era of rally cars though—it also quickly captured the eyes of motoring and watch enthusiasts worldwide, selling out in short order. Not to worry if you missed out the first time around though, because Group B is back and better than ever with Series 2. The new run features an improved case, custom-designed bracelet, and brand new dial designs. Pick one of these up and you’ll never be far from the asphalt—even when you’re cooped up inside, one look at your wrist will take you to the open road.

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