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Au Sabot

Au Sabot

For over 600 years the town of Thiers, France has been the epicenter of European knifemaking, stretching back to the days of river-powered grindstones. While they’ve since switched to electric grindstones and polishers, the regional craftsmen employ many of the same techniques as in the old days—honed over the course of centuries—to craft elegantly simplistic and exceptionally functional knives so revered that knifeheads make pilgrimages to this Mecca of blades and cutlery to have a custom knife made just for them.

Au Sabot, respected knifemakers in the region since 1870, boast a range of exemplary knives that faithfully represent the coutellerie heritage of their home. Among them, L’Armor: a tool blade that has a rich history and broad utility. The sheepsfoot-style blade’s rounded end is said to be the only type allowed aboard ships in the 19th and early 20th century thanks to being a lot less stabby than other pointy-ended implements in the event of a fight among the crew. But in all reality, the sheer utility and staggering strength of the blade design is probably what made it popular with sailors. Joining L’Armor is the Thiers knife, characterized by a distinct double-wave form, French provenance, and simple design: two handles, two steel liners, blade, and spring. They’re all outfitted with premium handle materials and carbon steel blades that’ll keep ‘em fit for fighting for years to come, and, even better, you won’t find these prices anywhere else.

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