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RMK - Compact Magnetic Keychain


Color: Olive Drab




Snap on, snap off

The no-look, snap-on-and-off design of the RMK is a breath of fresh air to your EDC. It has a detachable key section to easily remove keys or a work badge, and the magnetic clasps automatically line up with each other when putting them back together. Match that with ultra-tough, handwoven paracord and you’ve got a slim, sleek keychain with built-in ease-of-access.

  • Handwoven Type III 550 paracord
  • Slim profile magnetic clasp for quick access to keys or work badge
  • Clasps contain rare-earth magnets and are made from durable, low-friction Delrin® thermoplastic
  • Remove keys or work badge without having to unhook the entire keychain
  • Black oxide HK snap hook used in military rifles securely anchors the RMK to a belt loop, daisy chain or backpack clip
  • Hooks stamped from stainless steel in the USA and laser engraved in California
  • Perfectly sized to suspend outside your pocket, but long enough for a comfortable pocket tuck

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