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Countless leaders and adventurers throughout history have kept record of their lives and legacies in their journals. Now Appointed wants to inspire you to do the same, be it stories of your world travels, or simple wisdom collected from daily life.

With the goal of encouraging beautiful work by building beautiful tools, Appointed created a line of simple, elegant notebooks and other desk wares using premium materials like brass and chambray bookcloth. Even better than the materials, everything in the line is manufactured locally in the Washington, DC metro area, supporting small business and ensuring quality construction in each product. Fine detailing like brass coil binding and foil-stamped covers lend a timeless, professional air to your workspace while the perforated pages and acid-free, smooth paper add luxurious utility. We may live in the age of the smartphone, but no one's desk or briefcase should ever be without a quality paper notebook for capturing those thoughts and sketches that always deserved more than being typed onto a glowing screen.

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