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Aged & Ore

Neat Glass - Set of 2


Color: Lead-Free Crystal




A glass worthy of spirits that are meant to be enjoyed neat

So you finally tracked down a truly stellar bottle of bourbon, a perfectly anejo tequila, a bottle of scotch that could make bagpipes weep. Your next step is worthy of consideration—what vessel is worthy of an elixir of this magnitude? Aged & Ore went through dozens of designs and prototypes before they discovered the ideal combination of heft, shape, and style, all working together to elevate the spirit it contained. The end product is the Neat Glass, the perfect way to enjoy a dram of your latest obsession.

  • Set of two Neat Glasses
  • A perfectly calibrated glass for enjoying spirits neat
  • The size is neither too small nor too big and ideal for a two ounce pour
  • Lead-free crystal feels great in the hand and has amazing clarity
  • Narrowed mouth and flared lip are shaped to deliver aromas to your nose while still being comfortable for sipping
  • Widest part of the glass equals a two-ounce pour
  • Minimal edged Aged & Oar logo at the bottom of the glass keeps things subtle
  • Comes in premium packaging

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