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Aged & Ore

Travel Decanter


Color: Black




A hand-blown decanter that brings the party with you

If you’re in charge of bringing your signature cocktail to your buddy’s dinner party, you better come prepared with Aged n Ore’s Travel Decanter. The stainless steel case protects the hand-blown decanter, and it’s double-wall vacuum insulated design is temperature regulating to keep your hot toddy piping hot or your old fashioned ice cold. But the Travel Decanter isn’t just a city boy, it can easily handle a hike in the woods—and the two built-in tumblers make a celebratory cheers at the top easier than ever before.

  • Nesting doll design allows the decanter to sit comfortably in the stainless steel case and remain protected for the whole journey
  • Double-wall vacuum insulated design is temperature regulating to retain either warmth or cold
  • Hand-blown, 3 mm thick decanter is crafted with a no-drop, easy pour design
  • Glass decanter is intended to retain as much taste and original flavor possible
  • Holds up to 500 ml or ⅔ of a bottle of wine
  • Stainless steel stopper includes tree rubber gaskets to ensure a leak-proof experience
  • Two built-in tumblers make drinks on-the-go even easier
  • 2 oz indicator markings on the inside of the tumblers
  • Includes a travel canvas bag

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