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Kitchenaid Mixers, Viking rangetops, La Marzocco espresso machines — there’s just certain industrial appliances that have reputations for their failproof design and durability. Aarke, a Swedish maker that we’re proudly introducing to the US, is carving itself that niche in the world of at-home water carbonators. Take one look at their machine, or one pull on it’s stainless steel lever, and it’s simple to see it’s alot nicer than the competition. From its thoughtful Swedish design to its heavyweight stainless steel construction, the Aarke has the look and feel of something you’d find in a Michelin-starred kitchen, while other, plastic machines do not. Your decor will thank you. And your wallet will thank you too, because instead of blowing money on 12-pack after 12-pack of La Croix (Ed note: or our personal fave, Topo Chico) you can now make the same, perfectly sparkling stuff at home, with water out of your tap.

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