Ford Yates

Texan, Hunter, Fisherman

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Ford’s Social Hangouts

Although he's a native Texan, Ford Yates feels at home just about anywhere outdoors. He first discovered his love of photography through the borrowed lens of his mom’s 1990s DSLR. It didn't take long before Ford was trekking through creek beds, and hunting wild boar with a camera dangling from his neck. Ford recalls that feeling of discovery saying, "The camera somehow lifted an ordinary weekend hunting trip into a visual adventure. Everything I saw in the viewfinder took on new vibrancy." Since he's still a business student at the University of Oklahoma, Ford divides his time between the classroom and the wilderness that's a weekend roadtrip away. He doesn't mind though, insisting that, "This area might be one of the most underrated states in the US. I feel like I find new places with friends every week."

Ford's Favorite Gear