“Ferrari, Lamborghini? If you have the means, you can get one of those. That’s not necessarily true with us. We have people with literally billions of dollars who can’t find a bottle.” - Julian Preston Van Winkle.

That's right, our 5th Annual Pappy Van Winkle Giveaway has returned and this time we're upping the ante and giving away not one but five bottles of this highly sought after, jealousy-inducing bourbon. Every order for the next five days is a chance to win. Out in the world, bottles can run into the thousands, so winning a bottle just 'cause you bought some socks is an opportunity rarer than a unicorn.

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An all-time favorite, now fully flannel-lined for falling temps

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Indoor/outdoor Danish slippers handcrafted from Merino and Gotland wool

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Hand-blown, premium glassware celebrating National Parks

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3 for $75 — USA-built premium cotton tees

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A 100% waterproof hybrid boot that laughs in the face of foul weather

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All-new color and sizes of the plush, quick-drying towel the internet is raving about

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