What It’s Like to Surf an Icelandic Winter Storm

Watch an exclusive teaser for Huckberry Ambassador Chris Burkard's epic adventure documentary Under An Arctic Sky
March 22, 2017Words by Luis Angel CancelPhotos by Chris Burkard

“When you leave the airport and drive straight into one of the most hectic blizzards you’ve ever been in, you immediately feel a bit unprepared." — Chris Burkard

For most of us, our biggest concern upon arriving at an airport thousands of miles from home is whether Cinnabon is still open or if we remembered to pack a phone charger, but when Chris Burkard and his small crew of surfers landed in Iceland, they had to reckon with the region’s worst winter storm in 25 years. The kicker? Their sole mission of schlepping out to Iceland’s most remote corners in search of the perfect surf was now a life-threatening prospect. Burkard’s forthcoming film Under An Arctic Sky documents the group’s grueling search for dream-worthy waves and their attempt to make history by surfing under the northern lights. Check out an exclusive first-look clip of the film below. Plus, download an exclusive desktop wallpaper and thank your lucky stars your fingers are warm enough to work a computer. [H]

PS — The boys could still use your support. Head to their Kickstarter to help 'em share their story with the world.


"The key to anything worth doing is that there has to be some level of uncertainty." 

Save this exclusive Chris Burkard photo as your desktop wallpaper and save yourself a trip Iceland. At least until the weather is a little rosier over there. 


Luis Angel Cancel probably would've let these guys go on ahead while he basked
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