Volcanoes, From Above

Hero volcanoes

Jan 16, 2013 | By Maryam

Bernhard Edmaier, an independent photographer with a background in geology, travels the world in search of deserted and untouched places. Enamored with the variety of colors and structures found across the earth’s natural landscape, Edmaier’s photographs capture the sights and formations that have emerged through geological processes. His work presents pristine lands devoid of the vestiges of human influence, demonstrating the influence of time, and time alone.
Edmaier’s geological studies play an important role in planning his photography expeditions. Weeks of preparation precede his trips, which involve surveying maps and satellite photographs, as well as researching climate conditions and chartering airplanes or helicopters.
In his series Volcanoes - Photographed by the Air, Edmaier presents landscapes from Iceland, Indonesia, Zaire, Italy, and New Zealand. Edmaier's photographs are never electronically manipulated. They truly capture what occurs in nature, and are true to Edmaier's vision of the sights from above. It’s quite a view.