Tuna, the Lincoln Logs of Japan

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Apr 24, 2013 | By Andy

While kids here in the U.S. are playing with their Lincoln Logs, Legos, and a bunch of other toys that I could name to show how out of touch I am with the zeitgeist, children in Japan are quietly honing their sushi skills thanks to Kazuyoshi Watanabe of Tokyo's famed Tsukiji Fish Market.
Watanabe, owner of a wholesale tuna stand at Tsukiji Fish Market, teamed up with toy maker Hobbystock to create a model that teaches children how to properly dissect fish. The 10-part model costs about $300 and comes with a chopping board, large knife, cooler packaging, and, of course, model maguro (tuna).
I'd buy one myself if I had a kid or niece or nephew, which upon further reflection would call to mind the episode on The Simpsons when Homer gave Marge a Homer-inscribed bowling ball for her birthday. 
Via Spoon & Tamago