Farewell to the Toyota Land Cruiser?

Rumor has it, Toyota is discontinuing the beloved adventure vehicle
August 28, 2019Words by Will Porter

Huckberry HQ got some bad news last week—news that led to some not-so-subtle groans from the auto lovers in the room. Though it hasn’t been officially confirmed, (see Toyota Product Communications Analyst Josh Burns’ not-so-promising statement here), it appears that Toyota will be removing an off-road legend from the US market: the Land Cruiser. Once we picked our jaws up, we realized that this was the sensible choice, considering the price they’re going for these days (if you don’t know, it’s around $85,000). But the sad news got us thinking of the Land Cruisers of old—the ones that have us yearning for a manual transmission, a 4x4, and a rocky road ahead. The behemoths that wore dents as badges of honor rather than an unsightly blemish. To say farewell to this iconic overlander, we’re celebrating some of our favorite models and thanking them for many years of adventure.

Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40


Made from 1960-1984, the FJ40 is a true off-road icon. Paving the way for the Land Cruisers to come, the FJ40 is renowned not only for its adventure capabilities but also for its reverence in the collector community. The sheer amount of these beauties still out there in working order is a testament to the durability and toughness Toyota 4x4s are known for today.

Toyota Land Cruiser FJ60


Possibly the most acclaimed Land Cruiser of them all, the FJ60 is the clear favorite around HBHQ. We’ve seen these driven from Texas to Alaska on 200,000+ miles and crawl over some of the most treacherous terrain you can find, and Huckberry Ambassador Forrest Mankins’ beloved Land Cruiser FJ60 (Burt) is ubiquitous on his Instagram feed. With a seemingly infinite array of modifications available and an endless feed of forums to sift through on the web, the FJ60 will likely outlast the cockroach—and for this, we are extremely grateful. 

Toyota Land Cruiser FJ100


With the pedigree of classic FJs combined with the comfort of a big, modern SUV, the FJ100 is probably the last true off-road-worthy Land Cruiser. Toyota was long known for durability by the time the FJ100 was released, and that reputation may make the FJ100 the ultimate combination of reliability and capability. 

Vintage Toyota Land Cruiser Ad

While we will be sad to see the Land Cruiser go, the reality is, the newest model, the J200, just wasn’t cutting it. With the Lexus LX on the market at a similar price, going for the Toyota version didn’t seem quite worth it. But with this legendary 4x4’s discontinuation, we know the surviving past models are about to become even more coveted.

We know this list isn’t comprehensive, so if you’ve got a favorite model or Land Cruiser memory to share, comment below or tag us on Instagram

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