Top Diversions: September 2019

Why six hours of sleep isn’t enough, the best Scotch whiskeys of 2019, and five more of our most-clicked reads from last month
October 1, 2019Words by Huckberry Staff

Psychological tricks, the effects of sleep deprivation, and the space between your pants and your shoe—all important subjects to keep up on. And if you subscribe to our mailer (which you definitely should), you know we’re always sharing our favorite articles from Men’s Health, BloombergReddit, and more. Last month, these six stories were the biggest hits. 


Why Six Hours of Sleep Is as Bad as None at All


Why Six Hours of Sleep Is as Bad as None at All


You’re probably not getting enough sleep—and it’s a bigger deal than you might think. The study outlined in this article found that those who slept for six hours a night for two weeks functioned as poorly as those who were forced to go without any sleep at all for two full days. In other words, cutting into your sleeping hours just a little can have big consequences over time. So get those Zzzzs. And if you’re looking to optimize those hours (we’re talking weighted blankets and a clear mind), check out our guide to better sleep

These Exercises Will Prep You for Perfect Pullups

These Exercises Will Prep You for Perfect Pullups

Men’s Health

Whether pullups have eluded you, or you’re just looking to improve your form, this Men’s Health guide is a foolproof method to building up your arms, back, and shoulders. All those lateral pulldowns, burpees, and reverse planks will be well worth it when you pull off the perfect set. 

Which Psychological Tricks Should Everyone Know About?

Which Psychological Tricks Should Everyone Know About?


From catching someone in a lie, to turning nerves into excitement, to helping a friend get through a panic attack, this Reddit thread has hundreds of tips for tricking yourself or others into thinking about things differently. 

How Long Should Your Pants Be?

A Tailored Guide to the Most Contested Two Inches in Menswear


Break or no break? The space between the hem of your pant leg and your shoe (or lack thereof) has proven itself to be surprisingly controversial in the men’s fashion world. Whether you feel strongly toward a shorter hem, a no-break look, or you typically just wear your pants as they come without thinking twice about it, this Bloomberg article does an effective job of breaking down the options and factors that might cause you to choose one over the other. 

25 Best Scotch Whiskeys You Can Buy in 2019

The 25 Best Scotch Whiskeys You Can Buy in 2019

Gear Patrol


Being the big whiskey fans we are, sharing Gear Patrol’s roundup of this year’s best Scotch whiskeys was a no-brainer. Not only does it offer some unbeatable Scotch recommendations, it’s got tips on how you should buy it, and some of the most important Scotch terms you should know (like, what an independent bottler is). You’re welcome.

How Reddit’s Male Fashion Advice Became One of the Nicest Places on the Internet


The male fashion advice subreddit has now been going strong for 10 years, and if you haven’t been there yet, it's worth a visit. Sure, you can crowdsource opinions on cuffing t-shirt sleeves or find some killer tips for finding the right tailor, but the best thing about this space is the genuine community that has been built around it. 

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