Top Diversions: May 2019

From Architectural Digest to Esquire, these were some of our favorite reads last month
May 31, 2019Words by Huckberry Staff

Food, architecture, how to fly a plane—all important subjects to read up on. And if you subscribe to our mailer (which you definitely should), you know we’re always sharing our favorite articles from GQ, Wired, and beyond. This May, these six stories were the biggest hits. 

The Best-designed Buildings in Every US State from Architectural Digest

The Best-designed Buildings in Every US State

Architectural Digest

It’s no secret we’re suckers for A-frames and log cabins, but our appreciation for stellar architectural prowess doesn’t stop with rustic wilderness getaways. We love a grand state capitol building and gravity-defying modern art museums, so this list of 50 impressively-designed US structures was right up our alley. 

GQ's Best New Restaurants in America, 2019

GQ’s Best Restaurants in America, 2019


We’ve been known to visit Iceland for the hot dogs and venture to Patagonia to try a new spirit. And now, thanks to GQ’s very thorough, drool-inducing roundup, we’ve now got 13 more travel-worthy eateries on our bucket list. From the husband-and-wife-run restaurant in Puerto Rico to the great sushi spot in Chicago, we’re up to the challenge. 

Where Top Chefs Go for the Best Late-Night Bites and Booze

Where Top Chefs Go for the Best Late-night Bites and Booze

Men’s Journal

Most chefs don’t work a typical 9-to-5 schedule, and after serving the likes of us all evening, they’re not always craving their own restaurant’s food. Thanks to Men’s Journal, we now know where some of the country’s top chefs head for a late-night bite after their shift. (Spoiler: McDonald’s is on the list.)

How to Fly a Plane in an Emergency Situation

How to Fly a Plane in an Emergency Situation


“Let’s imagine you find yourself on an airplane, in the sky, without a pilot. You are in a non-normal situation.” We’ve all been on a flight and gotten lost in an “Airplane!”-style daydream. This excerpt from 787 British Airways Pilot Mark Vanhoenacker’s book, How to Land a Plane, will prepare you for the improbable. 

How (and Where) to Buy Alcohol Online

How (and Where) to Buy Alcohol Online


We all know that, pretty much no matter where you live in the US, “if you touch your phone in the right places, a pizza will show up to your front door.” Unfortunately, ordering booze to your home isn’t necessarily so straightforward, which is why we are endlessly grateful for Esquire’s complete guide to help us navigate the world of online liquor shopping. 

The Best Ideas Are the Ones That Make the Least Sense

The Best Ideas Are the Ones That Make the Least Sense


“While logic may be right in the narrow sphere of physics, it is hopelessly wrong when it comes to the very different business of psychology.” How else could a spendy, small, and kind-of-gross drink like Red Bull stand up against Coca Cola? This Entrepreneur article explores how some of the best businesses are built on seemingly irrational concepts. 

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