Top 10 Diversions of 2018

From Bloomberg to Outside Magazine, we’re looking back at the most-read articles of the year
December 29, 2018Words by Huckberry Staff

Well, 2018 is coming to an end, and it’s been one hell of a year. There have been a lot of adventures and a lot of diversions. From airfare hacks to a bourbon heist, we always share what we’re reading in our mailer, and these were the greatest hits of 2018. 

The Best Bourbon I've Ever Tasted

The Best Bourbon Ive Ever Tasted 

Garden & Gun

Here at Huckberry, It’s no secret that we love bourbon—we add it to our cocktails, our brownies, and even our pancakes. So when Garden & Gun had four bourbon afficionados weigh in on their favorite bottles, we were all ears.


How to Fly the World's Best Business Class for Less than Coach


How to Fly the World’s Best Business Class for Less Than Coach


When you’ve got the perfect travel backpack72-hour tees, and plenty of destinations on your bucket list, you’re gonna want those insider airfare deals. It’s no surprise that Bloomberg’s guide to booking business class for cheap was a hit. 

If You Only Read a Few Books in 2018, Read These

If You Only Read a Few Books in 2018, Read These


From all the great comments and recommendations we get on our Huckberry Book Club posts, we know you guys are a well-read bunch. This Medium article was just another great place to source some ideas for our reading lists. 

How to Cook Bacon Like a Chef

How to Cook Bacon Like a Chef


Bacon is our favorite morning staple, and thanks to the pro tips in this GQ article, we’re stepping up our breakfast game. 

don't Lose Your Edge as You Age

Don’t Lose Your Edge as You Age


We all get older, but that's not going to stop us from crushing it—luckily Outside shared these great tips to keep us feeling fresh. 

James Clear Tweet

James Clear Tweet


The only tweet that made it on our list of top diversions, this sage advice from New York Times bestselling author, James Clear, will definitely still be applicable in 2019. 

Old Man Strength

What the Hell is ‘Old Man Strength’ Anyway?

Mel Magazine

Something else to look forward to as you age—‘Old Man Strength.Mel Magazine has us seriously inspired by athletes including Rodney Hahn, who’s setting world records in pullups well into his 50s, and Jacinto Bonilla, who’s competing in CrossFit at age 78. 

The 18 Best New Restaurants in America

The 18 Best New Restaurants in America


From a vibrant Vietnamese spot in Minneapolis to a next-level Tex-Mex joint in Austin, we’re drooling over everything on this Eater roundup of the best new restaurants in the country—road trip, anyone?

The James Bond "Spectre" Land Rover Defender SVX

The James Bond “Spectre” Land Rover Defender SVX


If there’s one thing we know is always gonna be a hit at Huckberry, it’s a badass 4x4. And there’s no 4x4 more badass than a Land Rover Defender, so it’s only fitting that 007 would drive one in the most recent James Bond movie. Silodrome’s got the full story on the Land Rover Defender SVXs built for the film. 

The Pappy Van Winkle Heist That Wasn't

The Pappy Van Winkle Heist That Wasn’t 


This Bloomberg read has everything we love—drama, mystery, and bourbon. The infamous Pappy Van Winkle theft of 2013 has helped give the brand a mythical, coveted reputation (that, and the damn good bourbon). Finally the man behind the heist has spoken up. 

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