Top Diversions: October 2019

Collecting whiskey on a budget, tips for your next adventure, and four more of our most-clicked reads from last month
November 1, 2019Words by Huckberry Staff

Nap tips, Allen Ginsburg’s thoughts on his friend Jack Kerouac, and modern masculinity—we had some heavy-hitting diversions in October. And if you subscribe to our mailer (which you definitely should), you know we’re always sharing our favorite articles from The New Yorker, GQTwitter, and more. Last month, these six stories were the biggest hits. 


How To Take The Perfect Nap

How to Take the Perfect Nap


Many of us have spent our lives searching for the perfect nap. Twenty minutes? Two hours? Chug a Red Bull and nap for 30 minutes to let the caffeine activate? After years of trying we finally have some clarity on what works and what doesn’t. With a good knowledge of your own personal sleep cycles and how your body functions, it is possible to achieve the bliss that is a mid-day nap to keep you going long into the night.  

Must-Know Travel Hacks for Your Next Adventure - Jeremy Jauncey

Must-Know Travel Hacks for Your Next Adventure - Jeremy Jauncey

Dave Asprey

Jeremy Jauncey, CEO of Beautiful Destinations and Financial Times’ “world's most influential traveler” gives Bulletproof Radio his take on how to hack your next adventure. Give it a listen to learn about medical tourism, wellness travel, and of course his best hacks for your next trip, regardless of where you find yourself. 

The State of Masculinity Now

The State of Masculinity Now: A GQ Survey


GQ, experts on all things gentlemanly, polled 1,005 Americans of all genders to get the pulse of masculinity in today’s landscape. Read on for some stats on gender-norms, feminism, mental health, and whether or not we’ve seen our fathers cry. The statistics may surprise you, and they may not, but it is an interesting look into how we view masculinity in 2019. 

How to Collect Rare Whiskey on a Budget

Expert Advice: How to Collect Rare Whiskey on a Budget


Whether a seasoned collector or new to whiskey, InsideHook has you covered with a breakdown of how to collect on a budget. Inside you'll find seven tips on the process, from where to start all the way to fostering a rapport between you and your retailer (insider tips are allowed in the whiskey world). We find a lot of joy in our collection here at HBHQ and with these tips, you may have to race us to the best bottles around. 

What Piece of Pop Culture Ruined Your First Name

What Piece of Pop Culture Ruined Your First Name? 


Much to the chagrin of parents everywhere, sometimes a name can be culturally besmirched by no fault of their own. Not only do they have to live with their child’s name, the child must live with it as well. If you are tired of your pals taking your name and turning it into an insult based on their favorite Simpson’s character, you’re not alone. Check out this thread on Twitter to see some of the most unfortunate namesakes around. Follow the thread far enough and you’ll see that, compared to other people, being named Michael Scott might not actually be that bad. 

The Day After Kerouac Died

The Day After Kerouac Died

The New Yorker

Kerouac and Ginsburg. Two writers who helped change the landscape of American writing along with their Beat Generation compatriots. Check out this article in The New Yorker to get an inside look on Ginsburg’s thoughts from the day he found out his friend Jack Kerouac had passed. Between scrambled, mad prose and idyllic poetry, you’ll get a deep look inside a generational mind and see the forms and shapes that latched onto a grieving psyche. 

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