Hero diversions 1.11.13

Jan 11, 2013 | By HB HQ

Diversions for your enjoyment spanning the high brow, low brow, and everything in between. 
1. GOOD WILL HUNTING, AN ORAL HISTORY: a fantastic read about how Damon and Affleck got their start. / Boston Magazine
2. DANIEL DAY-LEWIS REJECTION LETTER TO STEVEN SPIELBERG: a thoughtful brush-off by one titan of another. / Vanity Fair
3. NORTH KOREA ONLY FOLLOWS 1 GUY ON TWITTER: believe it or not, he's a 25-yr-old American. / Mother Jones
4. THE ART OF PICKPOCKETING: one of the world's greatest magicians reveals his tricks. / New Yorker
5. ART OF MANLINESS GUIDE TO REDDIT: if you've never experienced the front page of the internet before, here's a great launching point. / Art of Manliness
6. WHAT GOPRO WAS CREATED FOR: it's cool for about the first...3 secs. / Wimp