Gifts for the Traveler: Andy Best

We caught up with travel photographer and certified nomad, Andy Best, about the four top items on his Christmas list
November 18, 2019Words by Andy Best

Welcome to The Wishlist. It’s that time of year—time to start thinking about what you’re going to gift your loved ones (and what you’re hoping they gift you) for the holidays. This year, we’ve asked our friends—the outdoorsmen, the dads, the athletes, the patriots, the whiskey lovers, and the clothes hounds—what they’d actually like to see in their stockings. Here we’ve got Andy Best, who shoots outdoor photography on the road, sharing his traveler’s wishlist. So whether you’re like Andy, have a loved one like Andy, or you just want to send something nice to Andy’s van, let this list be your guide.

Andy Best

The less I’m thinking about having to live and exist out here on the road, the more I can concentrate on capturing the best imagery and truly enjoy where I am. Keeping it simple is everything. I’m getting ready to head off to Yosemite for a quick shoot, and having my gear dialed in is key to a successful and stress-free production. Here’s what’s on my wishlist:

Bullbird BR2 Travel Pillow

Bullbird BR2 Travel Pilllow: $60

Before the fun part begins, there’s an 11-hour drive just to get to Yosemite—and living on the road means you’ve got to grab a few minutes of shut-eye whenever you can get them. This Bullbird BR2 Travel Pillow looks like it’d help me get rested up before the production and won’t take up too much space if I need to grab a quick midday snooze.


Proof Nomad Pant

Proof Nomad Pant: $98

Once we get there and the shoot starts rolling, it’s a given that the production days are going to be long and varied—so having a great pair of versatile pants I can hike around and shoot in all day is really important. I’ve got my eye on the Nomad Pants from Proof.


Matador Flatpak Travel Toiletry Bottle

Matador Flatpak Travel Toiletry Bottle: $13

When you’re shooting outside all day (especially if you’ve got fair skin like me), the last thing you want is to get a nasty sunburn—but when you’re carrying all your equipment on your back, there’s little space for a big bottle of sunscreen. These Matador Flatpak bottles look great for keeping some SPF handy without taking up space.


Mystery Ranch Mission Rover

Mystery Ranch Mission Rover: $185

Lastly, all the gear, data, production binders, and other odds and ends have to go somewhere (and ideally stay organized). The Mission Rover bag by Mystery Ranch looks like it’s the right size for a couple-day shoot, and rugged enough to get tossed around in the process without breaking a zipper.


Happy holidays friends—and here’s to simplifying your travel. 

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