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Oct 25, 2013 | By Andy Forch and Jimmy Gleeson

When it comes to the Mt. Rushmore of Huckberry man crushes, our designer Jimmy Gleeson is certainly up there. A man of many talents—in addition to leading our branding efforts, Jimmy is a partner at Huckberry house favorite Bellroy—Jimmy is a guy that represents what Huckberry is all about. 

Back in March, Jimmy lit out of his hometown of Melbourne, Australia on a trip around the world with his girlfriend, and recently returned with a fiancée and one hell of a story.

When we asked Jimmy how the trip went, he passed along a recap that belongs in the Skype chat hall of fame:

Made it to the Arctic Circle, ate dinner with a Nubian tribe, swam in the Nile, jumped some cliffs, rode a camel, chased a reindeer and swam with Turtles, kayaked a hidden lagoon, had a $6 dinner for four - mmm Kushari, ate porridge out of a coconut, smoked cuban cigars, drank rum with a Croatian Captain and watched a whole lot of sunsets, climbed a volcano, swam with whale sharks, gave a Best Man speech, got offered Viagra by a cab driver, ballooned through a canyon, crawled inside the Great Pyramid, got creeped out by mummies, dived a wreck, walked a glacier, licked an iceberg, spaced out in Time Square and remembered 9/11, slept in a cave, raved in a cave, dived in a cave, bought antiques, got ripped off, bathed in a horse trough, drove through Tuscany, looked at a lot of art, went to Hitler's bunker, hiked up a 600 yr old pirate fortress, stood at the gates of Babylon, learnt who Nebuchadnezzar is, explored Mayan ruins, missed out on a hurricane, a revolution and a riot all by a few days, got engaged to my best friend and had the trip of a lifetime…

When I told Jimmy that his trip inspired me to plan my own trip around the world, he simply replied "what are you waiting for?" Good question, Jimmy. Good question.

Without further adieu, here are some of the photo highlights from Jimmy's trip around the world.


Palawan, Philippines

Cairo, Luxor & Aswan, Egypt


Karpathos, Greece & Tuscany, Italy


New York, New York

Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico

Fellas, this is how you selfie.



Head on over to Jimmy's website to see the rest of the photos from his trip around the world.

Do you have an inspiring trip that you'd love to share with other Huckberry readers? We'd love to hear about it, and we'll be launching a Huckberry pitch week in November, where you can send us a quick pitch and enter to win $100 credit and a post on our Journal. Stay tuned...