The Rundown: Ted Stafford

Men’s Health Fashion Director Ted Stafford talks style advice, travel tips, and the new Huckberry x Men’s Health collection
September 18, 2019

Welcome to The Rundown. Today we’re catching up with Men’s Health Fashion Director Ted Stafford. With his work at Men’s Health, along with previous stints at GQ and Calvin Klein, Ted is a certified fashion veteran. So when Huckberry and Men’s Health partnered to develop the one-bag travel kit for the stylish man, we knew we needed Ted in the room. Together, we developed the Huckberry x Men’s Health collection, packed with thoughtful features, versatile styling, and just the right amount of technical wizardry to keep you looking and feeling good on your next adventure. Read on for Ted’s style tips, travel advice, and a Netflix recommendation. 

Ted Stafford

Favorite part about working in fashion:
That it’s always evolving and each new season brings cool new things to add to your life. Good style, without doubt, makes you feel good too. I like offering advice and helping people in that way. 

Ted Stafford

Life hack:
Take care of, appreciate, and enjoy what means most to you. And splurge on yourself.  

Favorite Huckberry purchase: 
The Flint and Tinder Reversible French Terry Sweatshirt

Splurge wine:
Il Bruciato Tenuta Guado al Tasso 2017.

Travel tip: 
Have some go-to travel pieces. A travel sports jacket will not only effortlessly top off your travel look every time, but it also comes equipped with pockets to keep things in place and allow easy access to your wallet, passport holder, and phone. I also suggest thinking ahead and wearing shoes that are easy to slip on and off. If you wear a belt, choose one that’s functional and easy to clip on and off.

Cooking hack: 
Get yourself a cast iron dutch oven and make some slow-cooked meals to enjoy with family and friends. It not only makes the most delicious meals but helps you slow down and spend time with your company. 

Ted Stafford

Music or station to work to:
Steve Winwood on Pandora.

Favorite part of working at Men’s Health:
The people and environment that focus on offering advice, solutions, and tips on ways to be better—whether that’s fitness, health, grooming, or style.

Next Huckberry purchase:
The awesome Proof Reversible Shirt Jacket that’s part of the Huckberry x Men’s Health collaboration. It’s lightweight and cool for throwing on over a t-shirt or sweater when you’re looking for some added warmth with good style. It’s a piece I know that once I put on, I won’t want to take-off.

Hack for better habits:
Everything in moderation.

Ted Stafford

What’s the style question you get asked most often? What’s the answer?
I'm always asked who makes great fitting and comfortable t-shirts. It’s the Proof 72 Hour Merino Pocket Tee

Favorite spot you’ve traveled: 
I always enjoy visiting my friend who lives upstate NY in Hillsdale, near Hudson.  

Netflix recommendation: 
Schitt’s Creek. It’s brilliantly written, smart, fun and full of laughs. Daniel and Eugene Levy along with Catherne O’hara and cast have a chemistry that’s so enjoyable and not to miss.

If you had $500, how would you blow it on Huckberry?
I’d buy some cool outdoor essentials for a great bbq with friends, complete with a fire pit and chilled cocktails. 

Favorite weekend trip:
A quick weekend getaway to Miami Florida with friends at the Standard Spa.  

Any style tips you’d be willing to share? 
For guys, the right fit is key to looking and feeling good. 

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