The Rundown: Super Bowl Sunday 2018

Bon Appetit worthy nachos, running routes with Dan Marino, and more in this week's Rundown
February 5, 2018

Before our typing hands get covered in wing sauce, we've tapped Seton O'Conner of The Dan Patrick Show and Alex Delaney of Bon Appetit for a special Super Bowl Sunday edition of The Rundown. Hut Hut...

Coolest Pinch Yourself Moment at Work: I grew up as a huge Dan Marino fan. A few years ago we had him on The Dan Patrick Show and I was running routes with my co-workers as Marino played steady QB. Pretty surreal to catch passes from your childhood hero. 

Travel Hack: Roll your clothes when packing for no wrinkles. 

Favorite Huckberry Shop: Anything from Taylor Stitch and my wardrobe is all set.

Best Super Bowl Memory: I was in a bar in NYC with a buddy when Malcolm Butler intercepted Russell Wilson. We were jumping up and down, hugging these random Russian dudes who had just gotten to America an hour earlier. 

For Better Habits: I try to put my phone away for an hour or so when I get home to focus on my family and catch up on their day.

Next On Your Wishlist: I’ve got my eyes on the Barebones Pulaski Axe.

Podcast Recommendation: The Outside PodcastSword And Scale, and The Leisuremen.

New Tunes: The Acrobat by Death Of Lovers.

Author That Influenced You the Most: Charles Bukowski is my favorite author. I love his ability to have such an intimate relationship with the downtrodden, embracing the grit and grime of urban living and humanity.

Super Bowl Booze of Choice: Rye is my drink of choice, but for the game, I like something crushable, like Stony Creek Little Cranky Session IPA.

Book That's Changed Your Behavior the Most: As cliché as it is, On The Road by Jack Kerouac was a big one for me. I grew up in a small town that no one ever left, so a story about freedom and discovery set to the backdrop of road trips and smoky jazz clubs really appealed to me.

Travel Recommendation: Maine Huts and Trails in Carrabassett Valley is a fun getaway for the entire family, whether you are backpacking or on a mountain bike.

Favorite Recent Purchase: The Aer Travel Pack is phenomenal. Super functional and aesthetically beautiful. Also, Give’r Four Season Gloves. Best gloves I’ve ever owned. 

If You had $500 to Blow: Fishpond Thunderhead Submersible Duffel — that thing is sooooo badass. I’m pretty sure it would survive the apocalypse.

All-time Best Super Bowl Commercial: I think the Taco Bell commercial running now with Josh Duhamel is one of the best I have ever seen. Hilariously brilliant.

If You’re Going to the Big Game: Try to experience the city and get as local as possible. This year in Minneapolis we went ice fishing, played hockey in a local pickup league, and went to Paisley Park. All firsts. (editor's note: check out the Huckberry Guide to the North before you land)

Bucket List Adventure: Machu Picchu. I can’t think of a better adventure than climbing a winding trail through the Andes up to a lost city in the sky.

Super Bowl Prediction: I think the Eagles will be a true test of the GOAT, but the Patriots fan in me believes Brady and Belichick will pull this one out. 27-23 Patriots.

Morning Routine: I spend minimal time in my apartment in the AM. Shower. Dress. Peace out. My morning starts when I get into the Bon Appetit Test Kitchen at work. Music on the speakers. Iced espresso pulled on the La Marzocco. A couple olive-oil eggs fried in the skillet. Bread in the toaster. Then I'm good to go. (I'm spoiled by my work set-up, I know.)

Next On Your Wishlist: Sabah in green. These are going to be the official footwear of me sitting in parks, drinking beers when the weather warms up. They'll be my apartment shoes until then.

Favorite Super Bowl Food: The Super Bowl was made for nachos. Real ones know that you have to keep multiple batches coming out to keep the cheese melty. Life is too short for room temperature nachos. This is a go-to recipe for me.

Favorite Shop On Huckberry: Flint and Tinder. The Heavyweight Tee alone sold me on the brand. Respect starts at a base level, and when we're talking clothing, that means a perfectly-fitting tee.

Go-to Work Music: I listen to a lot of music. Soul. Indie rock. Trap. Reggae. Psych rock. Everything. If you see me at my desk, my headphones are certainly on, and I'm definitely locked into a playlist. Shameless plug: you can follow those playlists here

Author that Influenced Me: Roddy Doyle. There's no bullshit in Roddy Doyle's writing. No convoluted, exhaustive prose. No pretension. His writing is honest, funny, and real. It's easy to get lost in your own words, but Doyle constantly reminds me not to. Doyle's The Commitments is my favorite book, in case you were wondering. 

Netflix RecommendationDisgraceful, the new Tom Segura special on Netflix, is amazing. His joke delivery is the best in the game right now, and this set of material is undeniably human, the funniest thing I've watched in a long time. 

Travel Tip: I just want to give a general co-sign to the state of Maine. If you haven't been, fix that. Spend a few days in Portland. Travel up the coast to Mount Desert Island. Hike. Drink amazing farmhouse ales. Slurp oysters. Stop at sun-soaked roadside lobster huts. It's easier to breathe up there. 

Life Hack: Learn how to cook dinner. Then cook dinner. 

Daily Uniform: I'm still wearing the Huckberry x Taylor Stitch Explorer's Shirt I got last year on repeat. It started as a nice, creamy, off-white. Now, it's veeeeeery off-white. 

Favorite Super Bowl Drinks: The Super Bowl is the champagne of beer drinking holidays. It's all beer, all night for me. I try to switch between cheap lagers and more flavorful brews (like Saisons and IPAs). There will definitely be some Philly beers from Ferm Fermentery and Tired Hands in the mix this year.

If I Had 500 Bucks to Blow: Give me some crispy bed linens. I'm all-in on a new bed set-up. That whole "don't spend it all in one place" philosophy is BS, anyway.

Super Bowl Prediction: The birds are bringing this one home. Eagles, 27-24. 


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