The Rundown: Mary Montalvo

Our very own Brand Marketing Associate Mary Montalvo on the best book in the English language and the unpopular life advice we all need to hear
May 5, 2019

Welcome to the Rundown. This time around, we’re catching up with our very own Huckberry Brand Marketing Associate Mary Montalvo. From giving away once-in-a-lifetime trips to Norway to hosting boxing classes and surfboard glassings, Mary helps bring the Huckberry brand to life in and out of the office. She’s also our go-to for a good book recommendation or cooking advice (she can troubleshoot your pie crust issues or dictate her homemade pesto recipe on the spot). So when it came time to feature a Huckberry team member, Mary was an obvious choice. 

Mary Montalvo

Life hack: Unpopular advice: get up early, drink more water and less caffeine. The first 3 weeks will be rough—but after that curve, you’ll have much more energy.

George Eliot's Middlemarch

Favorite Huckberry Purchase: A true northeasterner at heart, molded in Maine and tempered in Montreal, I don’t heat my apartment in the California “winter.” My Upstate Sheets provide just the right amount of coziness to keep those cool mornings at bay.

Book that’s changed your behavior the most: George Eliot’s Middlemarch, arguably the best book in the English language, changed the way I conceptualized everyday life. She has a way of wrenching a tender beauty from even the most mundane topics.

Music or station to work to: Lately I’ve been cycling through these albums: Xiuhtezcatl’s Break Free, Seinabo Sey’s I’m a Dream, and an old favorite, Benjamin Clementine’s At Least for Now.

If you had $500, how would you blow it on Huckberry? I’m looking to really up my backyard cookout game this summer. I’ve been eyeing the Ooni Pizza Oven and some Messermeister Knives.

Mary's Vespa

Cooking hack: I started brining almost all the meat I cook. Just by soaking the cut in salt water over night it absorbs the water and salt resulting in a more tender and juicier final product.

Piece of gear that's changed your life: My Katadyn BeFree Water Filtration Bladder. My partner and I frequently go Vespa camping—with two wheels and two ‘luggage’ racks, each square inch matters. This filter helps us pack super light on many different trips, from multi-day Vespa road trips to backpacking through the Sierra.

Favorite place to wake up: Bar none: an island in Casco Bay, Maine. There’s nothing quite like seeing the sunrise reflected on a placid Atlantic Ocean.

Next Huckberry purchase: Nomadix x Chris Burkard Towel; I gotta get ready for those summer swimming holes.

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