The Rundown: Josh Perez

We catch up with our newest ambassador about his podcast, his favorite books, and our recent catalog shoot in Puerto Rico
June 11, 2019

Welcome back to the Rundown. This time around, we’re catching up with Huckberry Ambassador, Josh Perez. We’ve been friends with Josh for years, so when we set course for Puerto Rico it was a no-brainer to invite him along to adventure with us across the island he frequented as a kid. Read on for a peek behind the scenes of our shoot, a couple new podcasts to add to your list, and more.

Josh Perez

Life hack: Surround yourself with people better than you. That’s the simplest way to improve.

New podcast you’re into: Besides The Keys Podcast (sorry, I had to shout out my own podcast), I actually enjoy murder mystery podcasts. After editing The Keys or spending time listening to other business and personal growth podcasts to survey the land, it’s nice to take a break and listen to something in a different category. I like Monster: The Zodiak Killer and Over My Dead Body. Also, not new, but the crew on the Puerto Rico catalog introduced me to Jonathan Van Ness podcast, its amazing.  

If you had $500, how would you blow it on Huckberry? Definitely pick up a Topo Designs Travel Bag. And some Chacos. I like candles, and luckily Huckberry has a great selection. The Huckberry sunglasses are a steal too, I think you’d be able to pick up two and still be in the $500 range with everything else in cart.

Favorite place you’ve traveled: I’m half Cuban and half Puerto Rican. I’d say traveling to some really remote spots in Cuba as a kid taught me a lot about the world and where I came from, and that still impacts me today. I also had the privilege of spending a month in Madagascar during high school, which was impactful because I got to see how people live around the world and what other cultures are like. Visually, and as someone who loves the outdoors and mountain landscapes, visiting Nepal and spending time in the Khumbu region was unbelievable. Ama Dablam is the most beautiful mountain I’ve ever seen.

Joshua Perez in Puerto Rico

Author that influenced you the most: Reading Linchpin by Seth Godin in college most definitely shaped how I view my career and influenced the path I took. But most recently I really enjoyed Stealing Fire, which is all about finding a flow state and reaching higher states of consciousness.

Music or station to work to: This all depends on my mood, but some recent go-tos include The Blaze, Lane 8, Bleachers, Ben Howard, The National, Dance Gavin Dance, The Plot in You, and Orville Peck.

You’ve interviewed a number of inspiring, creative people on your podcast. What’s the best piece of advice you’ve heard over the course of your interviews? One consistent piece of advice from all the guests has been to be curious and embrace the growth mindset. It’s easier said than done, but don’t settle for what is in front of you.

Favorite Huckberry Purchase: I have a couple of Yamazaki furniture items which I absolutely love. I also love my Bang & Olufsen Beoplay H4 headphones and my Native North Corduroy Overshirt.

Splurge wine or beer or liquor: For whiskeys, I love Suntory, Laws, Oak & Eden.

Favorite weekend trip: Two years ago I made a weekend trip over July 4th (so I had 72 hours) to Washington. I flew with my bike and rode from the Seattle airport to Mount Rainier with my climbing gear, met some friends at the trailhead and climbed Rainier in a single push. After some beers and Mexican food, I biked back to Seattle.

Netflix recommendation: Besides watching The Office over and over …. I just binged all of I Am the Night recently, which isn’t on Netflix, but you can still stream it on Hulu. Chris Pine stars in this series about the Black Dahlia murder. I also just finished The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (available on Amazon Prime) which is about a young comedian in New York breaking all the stereotypes in the 1950s.

Travel hack: Always search for flights on a private browser to find the cheapest fares, and if you’re traveling internationally, email yourself a scan of your passport.

Puerto Rico Mercedes

Favorite place to wake up: The Ramble Hotel in Denver, CO. Or, more on the adventurous side, I miss sleeping and waking up on a boat, which I got to do quite a bit growing up in Miami, FL. Fish all night, pass out, wake up, move the boat, and repeat.

Next Huckberry purchase: I’ve gotta get some new fitness gear for the summer.

What was your favorite moment from the Puerto Rico catalog shoot? There was a shot that the editorial team had in mind, of a car and certain type of guy in mind. All of a sudden, while I was getting ready to have my photo taken, I see this vintage Mercedes drive by, and it’s exactly what we had in mind. Of course, a couple of us begin to run down the street and chase this guy down. He pulls over and we simply ask if we can photograph his car, he replies “sure I’m just getting it washed and I’ll be right back.” You can’t plan for this sort of stuff on photoshoots. 

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