The Rundown: Harry Fricker

The Arvin Goods co-founder fills us in on his favorite weekend trip, the author that influenced him the most, and the details on his sustainable basics brand
July 30, 2019

Welcome to the Rundown. Today we’re catching up with Huckberry Ambassador and Arvin Goods Co-founder Harry Fricker. We’ve been friends with Harry for years and have been big fans of Arvin Goods’ 100% recycled basics since we first tried ‘em. Read on for more about Harry’s favorite book, his move from Cornwall to Vancouver, and what inspired his mission to make the cleanest socks out there.

Harry Fricker

Man putting on Arvin Goods gym socks

What was the inspiration behind Arvin Goods?
We wanted to build a brand that was simple to understand with a product offering that looked great and would influence change. We wanted to teach folks that buying a cleaner product can make a huge difference on the planet, and it can all start with the basics.

Book that’s changed your behavior the most:
Let My People Go Surfing gave me some new perspective on where I need to be right now.

Travel hack:
I bring a mini bottle of Valentinas or Tobasco hot sauce wherever I go. 

If you had $500, how would you blow it on Huckberry?
My kitchen needs an upgrade. I’ll be stocking up with a full set of De Buyer cookware.

How did you first get involved in designing apparel?
I totally stumbled into it. While working as an art director on some projects, I started conceptualizing some new ideas for some brands. I realized early on that I’d like to follow the whole process through, from concept to design to production. I got busy, I read up, talked to anyone who would share some knowledge, and I worked out the rest. I love the clothes I wear, and I’m stoked to be working with clean, responsible materials.

Splurge wine or beer or liquor:
Coming from the South of the UK, Cider is a pretty big deal for me, so I’m on the hunt to find the best PNW Cider. 

Something that surprised you in a positive way:
This was a secret, but a friend of mine persuaded me to join a spin class back in the winter when I was looking for some quick high cardio. Oh man, I got hooked—dark room, some slightly questionable music, and you’re clipped in... Time to sweat out those ciders.

Favorite place to fall asleep:
Cliché I know, but it would have to be in my sleeping bag in the back of my van, somewhere silent.

Harry Fricker with his surfboard

You grew up in the UK but now live in Canada. What inspired you to make that move?
I came out here when I was 19 to be a snow bum for the winter—no intention to do much exploring outside of the mountains. Then, I got itchy after a month or two and hit the road further west to find the ocean. I ended up in British Columbia. I spent the next few months seeing what I could, surfing anything that moved, and meeting some pretty rad people. A couple of years later, I came back did another winter season and explored some more. I returned back to the UK expecting to feel full from the time I’d had in Canada, but it called me back again. That was in 2015 and I’m still here. Right now, it’s home. Where’s next? No idea. But there is always a next.

Favorite weekend trip:
Whenever I have a little time off I make the trip out to Tofino, BC to find some waves, rest, and reset. 

Cooking hack:
Have a clean space and a sharp knife—the rest is up to you.

Author that influenced you the most:
My old man—William Fricker—you should see the stack of books he gives me every time I’m home.

Harry Fricker sitting on a couch outside
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Tell us a little bit about the special edition and artist collabs you’ve done so far. How did those come about?
We never wanted to pigeon Arvin into one audience group. From the start, we wanted to open it up to everyone and let people take Arvin for what it was: A sweet-looking basics brand with a clean message. We knew it would be cool to have others tell the story, share it with their audience, and help get the Arvin Goods name out there. So far we have linked up with like-minded friends and folks who care for the product they buy and make, and are passionate about sharing a clean message. From hip hop groups (Czarface Collab) to Professional Surfers (Kassia Meador), it’s shown us that Arvin is exactly what we wanted it to be: for everyone.

Piece of gear that’s changed your life:
I picked up an EcoFlow power bank last year, and it’s changed my work life tenfold. Now, most days I’m down at the beach in the back of my Delica, plugged in and getting shit done. 

Favorite place you’ve traveled: 
Going back home to Cornwall is always a favorite.

What’s the biggest thing you’ve learned from starting Arvin?
The fashion industry is an incredibly dirty world, but right now it is so incredibly inspiring that more and more brands and people are coming together to introduce new clean methods of doing it. We are just at the beginning of what is going to be one crazy ride.

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