The Rundown: 3.11.2018

Faceplanting at the Olympics, charcoal pillows, a King Kong banana split, re-visiting the West Wing, and more...
March 11, 2018

Favorite NFL Moment: Having a couple beers with the guys just before we hopped on the back of some military Humvees to hoist the Lombardi trophy in front of a million fans in downtown Seattle after our victory in Super Bowl XLVIII.

Gear You Can't Live Without:  My favorite hat is Huckberry’s very own Daybreak Snapback. I am always psyched to find a rad cap that I can get super active in and sweat through without it getting uncomfortable or too hot. The Lems Boulder Boot have been my go-to kicks for any outdoor adventuring — pretty much the Nike Frees of hiking boots.

Bucket List Travel Destination: Next up on my list is white water rafting down the Futaleufu River in Chile. The landscape looks absolutely fake.

Morning Routine: Our Sports Psychologist Michael Gervais got me started on this routine. It consists of 1) Three deep cleansing breaths 2) A  quick reflection on someone that you're grateful for 3) An attitude goal for the day 4) Open your eyes, put your feet on the floor, and realize that you have some weight and substance and get to work!

Netflix Recommendation: If you actually want to watch the best television ever made, go and watch (or re-watch) The West Wing.

For a Kick of Motivation: I got the Black Hole Pack a few months back and was so hyped to test it on some savage day climbs, I drove down to Big Sur two days later to hit the mountains. Sometimes it's nice to just splurge on something cool to give you that extra motivation to send itfor the weekend. 

Book Recommendation: The Count of Monte Cristo is one of the more badass, enthralling books I have ever read. I have read it three times.

Best Part of Running a Non-profit: There is nothing quite as cool as seeing the look in a kid’s eyes as he or she is experiencing all the magic of nature for the first time. (Ed. note: Cooper is the founder of The Nature Project an organization that creates opportunities for underserved youth to experience the wonders of nature.)

Mellow Night Playlist: Check out the Spotify Alternative R&B playlist.  Low-key vibes for those nights spent cleaning your room or reading the new National Geographic. Or is that just me?

Most Proud/humbling Moment: Face planting at the Olympic Trials. After graduating from UVA, I gave pro-running a shot and qualified to the 2012 U.S. Trials in the 800m. Turning into the home stretch, I got tangled up in a pack and hit the track with 100m to go. It sucked at the time, but now I’m just grateful to have experienced competing at that level.

Favorite Huckberry Purchase: The Coyuchi Flannel Robe. My mornings have become pretty indulgent — it makes putting on ‘real’ clothes very difficult.

Who to Follow on Instagram: Sarah Attar. She’s the first female athlete to represent Saudi Arabia at the Olympics and a bonafide badass. She also happens to be an outdoor photographer, phenomenal writer and lives in the dreamy little mountain town of Mammoth, CA — and I want her life.

What's on Your Wishlist: I’d love a pair of non-fussy earbuds. And Farmhouse mugs. Drinking out of simple, artisan mugs just makes your coffee taste better. It’s science.

Favorite Surf Spot: Let’s just put this out there. I’m not very good. But I do own a longboard and I love getting out there and getting better. Santa Cruz, CA is ideal — it’s easy to paddle out, the waves are perfectly shaped and great for easy riding. With an unlimited budget? Costa Rica.

For Better Habits: As much as I loathe getting up early, getting a run in before work is huge. When you get your workout done with, you can say yes to whatever else the day throws at you — happy hour, last-minute concert tickets, 17 street tacos, etc. 

Words to Live By: “A place for everything, everything in its place.” It’s something I try to live by. Maybe it’s ‘cause I live in SF in an ant-sized apartment, but I’m pretty minimalist and I hate clutter. When everything has a home, it makes your place (and your life) much cleaner and efficient.  

If You Had $500, How Would You Blow It on Huckberry? Danner boots. There’s something badass about the Cheryl Strayed Danner boot. I’d love these on my next backpacking trip.

Have You Ever Run a Beer Mile? Yep. It’s pretty painful. But it sure is fun afterward.

Travel Tips: Show up early (people watching at the airport is preferred to rushing), bring your own healthy snacks, drink lots and lots of water, use expensive luggage because it’s a great subtle flex. Never leave home without a HyperIce Hypersphere.

Most-needed Wardrobe Upgrade: I am ready to take the leap and replace all of my boots with one pair of Lucchese Cannon boots in Black. They are understated and remind me of my Southern upbringing.

Under-appreciated App: Shazam. Still the most useful app on my phone. You never have to embarrass yourself again by asking what song is playing!

Splurge Food/drink: When I hear “splurge”, I think high in calories. I gave up desserts cold turkey, but if I catch a wild hare, I am heading to my friend Nicholas Morgenstern’s ice cream parlor for a King Kong Banana Split.

Who to Follow on Instagram: IDEA Books is one of my favorites. They post everything from vintage issues of Wet, The Face, and L’Uomo Vogue to long out of print books from Wolfgang Tillmans, Martin Kippenberger, and David Lynch. It’s all done with a British tongue-in-cheek sensibility.

What's on Your Wishlist: The Houdini Jacket. This thing looks cool and folds up into the size of your palm. What more can you ask for in a light jacket?

Netflix Recommendation: The Panic in Needle Park. Al Pacino stars in a romantic but bleak junkie odyssey that takes place at West Seventy-second Street and Broadway in 1970’s New York City. The screenplay was written by Joan Didion and John Gregory Dunne, based on the 1966 novel by James Mills. 

Favorite Huckberry Purchase: The Onsen bath towel set in white. Look, all my linens have to be white. I want my East Village apartment to feel as much like a hotel as possible. The waffle weave gives them a nice look and texture and yes, they dry quickly.

Favorite New Discovery: Californication. I didn’t catch it during its original run, but I recently discovered it and can’t stop watching. It’s complex, racy, brash, and funny. 

If You Had $500, How Would You Blow It on HuckberryI need two of these Malouf Zoned Dough Pillows. They are infused with bamboo charcoal! I am not even totally sure what that means, but it sold me.

(Ed. note: He was too humble to plug it himself, but Chris's podcast, Public Announcement, is a favorite of the Huckberry Editorial Team.)


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