The Rundown: 11.03.17

Camping essentials, an aficionado's hot sauce of choice, and more in this week's rundown
December 27, 2017

We’ve spent an evening gunkholing in the San Juan islandsforaged for wildflowers on the side of a mountain, and even thrown our backs out doing goat yoga — but we’re still always up for trying something new. That’s why twice a month we look to the Huckberry community for their recommendations on everything from the perfect morning shower, to the fastest way to peel a head of garlic. This week, we asked architect Olle Lundberg, Chris Hunter — the founder of the most popular custom motorcycle site in the world, and Huckberry's own Kaylee Talbot for their favorite tips, hacks, discoveries, and suggestions. We hope you enjoy!

Advice For Buying A First Motorcycle: You’ll feel most confident on a bike that weighs less. Get a secondhand machine that’s 450 pounds or less. (And one that won’t explode in shards of plastic bodywork if you drop it.)

Life Hack: Going for a beach walk first thing in the morning. The dog is happy, I’m happy, and we’re both mentally set up for the day.

Can’t Live Without: My La Pavoni Europiccola espresso machine. I need the caffeine to get up to operating temperature.

On The Stereo: Current rotation is BadBadNotGoodRage Against The MachineHeart Of The Congos, and LCD Soundsystem’s latest.

Favorite Huckberry Brand: I have huge respect for Patagonia. The gear is great, but their commitment to animal welfare and the environment is even greater. I wish more businesses had the same conscience. 

I Never Leave Home Without: My Leatherman Wave Multi-Tool. I once used it to replace a blown head gasket during a trip to Australia’s Snowy Mountains.

Watching On Netflix: Norsemen. Those filthy Scandinavians make me laugh.

Camping Essential: I love my Stanley Adventure Flask, which is usually filled with a fine Nikka whisky from Japan. The classic Hammertone finish looks right at home in my 1970 Series IIa Land Rover.

Next Huckberry Purchase: I’m liking the look of the Solo Stove Portable Fire Pit. Even in midsummer, the evenings can get chilly in New Zealand.

Favorite Spot/Mountain You've Hiked: Two years ago I saved up all my PTO and went to Australia for 5 weeks. We woke up at 6am, drank a bottle of champagne for brekkie (cheers to my Aussie friends), and set out on the most beautifully exhausting day of my life. We hiked the Blue Mountains in Katoomba from sun up until sun down and no words or photos could describe the vast expanse of mountains and forest. We went off the beaten path, got lost, FaceTimed my mom from the side of a cliff, and got to witness a Cockatoo’s mating dance.

Favorite Huckberry Purchase: Currently the Woolrich Rough Rider Sherpa Blanket — winters in Ohio are brutal, and as the temperature begins to drop, me and this blanket are getting real close, real fast.

Splurge Beer: Jackie O’s Bourbon Barrel Aged Dark Apparition — brewed with brown sugar and aged in bourbon barrels for an entire year, it tastes like Christmas in a glass.

If You Had $500 To Blow On Huckberry: The Beoplay A1 speaker. It’s a house party in your pocket — minus the spilled beer. And it has an amazing 24-hour battery life. 

Most Recent Huckberry Purchase: Ursa Major's Natural Deodorant + Morning Mojo Soap Bar. Real talk, I forgot to wear deodorant to work one day so I bought this and I’ve been hooked ever since.

Author That Influenced You The Most: Hands down, J.K. Rowling. I grew up absolutely enthralled with the adventures of Harry Potter and craved having "magic" in my life. The older I get, the more these books have kept my imagination alive and I re-read them start to finish almost every year. Side note: I would never marry anyone that hasn’t read every HP book.

Favorite Huckberry Brand: Flint and Tinder has everything you need - from the basics to outerwear. I don’t even care they’re cut for men, those Supima Air Knit Tees are what I want to be buried in.

Dream Architecture Job: I’d like to do a place of contemplation — a chapel or spa or yoga retreat. Someplace that is a momentary retreat from our immediate reality. Of course I’d need a forest, a lake, and a big rock.

Splurge Booze: Abraham Bowman bourbon, only available in Virginia.

Favorite Huckberry Purchase: Linen sheets by Matteo — incredibly luxurious, which isn’t a word I use often.

Favorite Hot Sauce: Youk’s Hot Sauce, which is made by Scott Youkilis in San Francisco. 

Author That Influenced You Most: WH Auden, my favorite poet. Favorite poem — "If I Could Tell You"

Favorite Building You Didn’t Design: Therme Vals by Peter Zumthor, which is the most poetic building I have ever experienced.

Stocking Stuffer Of Choice: The Sphere Ice Mold from W&P Design. As a bar owner (Hard WaterThe Slanted Door) and a bourbon lover, you can’t beat these ice cubes, they just melt so slowly. 

Book That Has Changed Your Behavior: It’s a tie. Nose to Tail Eating by Fergus Henderson, and Mushrooms Demystified by David Arora. The first changed my approach to cooking, the second got me into mushroom foraging, which is like an Easter egg hunt for adults.

Favorite Autumn Hobby: Well, foraging for wild mushrooms on the Sonoma Coast — matsutake, chanterelles, black trumpet, and of course boletes (porcini).

Netflix Recommendation: The Killing. Just a great series, really dark, wonderfully acted.  

Gift I'm Giving For The Holidays: Whiskey Peaks glasses — Mt. Everest of course.

Perfect Night Out In San Francisco: A Dixie cocktail at Hard Water, dinner at Slanted Door, a walk along the waterfront back to Dogpatch.

Next Huckberry Purchase: The Stahl Steel Fire Pit, which is a really elegant design.

I'm Most Inspired/Creative When: I am in the shower.

Ed note: Click here to check out Olle's kick-ass cabin, where we shot our upcoming holiday catalog. 


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